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Blackjack bonus bets at online casino

Blackjack bonus bets

Sometimes newbies that register at online casinos of Canada to play card games learn about some “strange” blackjack bonus bets. Many beginners associate them with a blackjack welcome bonus, but these are different things. If a casino bonus for BJ players is usually cash or some free bets, bonus bets do not have anything in common with it. They can be made during any BJ game when the cards, certainly let a player make them.

Blackjack bonus bets (side bets)

Casinos usually offer additional side bets (blackjack bonus bets) on certain events during the game. Accordingly, the game usually includes the name of this bet. All bonus bets are paid regardless of the outcome of the main game. There can be no optimal strategy in the case of these bets since the player does not make additional decisions in this case. Unfortunately for the player, the expectation of side bets is usually lower (sometimes even much lower) than in BJ itself, so it is better not to make such bets. However, you can get acquainted with some bets of this type that can be found at online casinos.

The Perfect Pairs

This side blackjack bonus bet is played if the gambler gets a pair (that is, 2 cards of the same rank, but not points, that is, 2 Queens, but not King/Jack) with his first two cards. The payouts for this bet are as follows:

  • Multi-colored pair — 5: 1;
  • A pair of the same color — 15: 1;
  • Ideal pair (two identical cards) — 25: 1.

Perfect Pairs BJ can be found in many leading Canadian casinos.

Bonus Blackjack

The blackjack bonus casino bet is a side bet on the player’s first 2 cards suited. The paytable is pretty simple:

  • Suited cards — 5: 2;
  • Suited Ace/Jack — 25: 1;
  • Ace/Jack of Spades – 50: 1.

These bets are met in casinos powered by Microgaming; the casino has a bonus rate advantage of 6.46%.

21 + 3 Blackjack

This type of bets appeared in the wake of the popularity of poker. The bet is placed on the fact that the 1sr 2 cards of the player, as well as the open card of the dealer, will make a 3-card poker hand. Possible combinations and payouts are as follows:

  • 3 identical cards, including suit — 100: 1;
  • Straight Flush – 40:1;
  • Three of a Kind – 30 to 1 (or 25 to 1) ;
  • Straight — 10: 1;
  • Flush — 5 to 1.

This type of the best blackjack bonus bets is popular in casinos with live dealers with Evolution Gaming and Playtech software.

The best BJ sites in Canada providing bonuses

As BJ is a card game, unfortunately, no free spin blackjack bonus casino offers are foreseen here. However, the game players, especially newbies can find the sites that have cash and even playing time bonuses. These are:

  • Bet Victor;
  • Casimba;
  • Power Play;
  • Royal Panda;
  • VIP Casino;
  • Wildz;
  • Europa.

Nevertheless, if a gambler picks a slot with this game simulator combined with another game, he can play it with free spins.

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