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How To Win At Video Poker: Use Technical Points & Individual Rules To Your Advantage

Even experienced players consider video poker a worthy alternative to the usual one. The basic rules are the same, but some features make the game more unpredictable and exciting. In part, they compensate for the lack of psychological confrontation with an opponent, which is typical for games in offline halls and increases the chances of winning. As with regular poker, video poker requires a strategy, and each type of this game has its own. There is no basic strategy of how to win at video poker, but there are some tricks to get big wins.

How To Win At Video Poker: Tricks To Win Big

The way of how to play video poker and win depends not only on the goodwill of fate but also on the players’ skills. There are no rivals, so users don’t have to compare cards and try to predict the moves of other players. The winning combinations are the same as in offline poker. In some variations, there may be a joker that replaces any card. Although the rules of video poker are straightforward, controversial situations occur. In most cases, they concern falling combinations and the need to make the right decision when there are controversial cards in the hands. Examples of similar situations:

  • If users have a straight draw and a pair simultaneously, they can try to collect a Straight, but experienced players believe that the chances of winning are higher if they leave a Pair;
  • If they have four cards of the same suit and one more – another, then, according to professionals, they should focus on collecting the maximum combination, so it is better to refuse small cards;
  • If in Deuces Wild machines there are four cards of the same suit, one of them is small, and one of them is the same small of a different one, then beginners finding out how to win at video poker, usually refuse a pair to collect a Flush. But the best decision would be to keep the Pair and fold the other three cards, as the chances of a deuce hitting the joker will increase.

In all these situations, a careful study of the rules, detailed analysis, and forecasting of all the options (that are possible with a given decision) are vital.

Jack Or Better Slots: the Proper Way To Win

The condition of winning at video poker is to collect the right combination. Jacks or Better is a video poker variant that appeared in the 1970s, has not lost its popularity, and currently serves to find how to win at video poker. The lowest-paid combination is a pair of jacks. In other cases, players should:

  • Royal Flush, Full House, Flush, Straight – keep all cards;
  • Four of a Kind – four cards of the same value – keep and the fifth – change;
  • Four cards to Straight Flush or Royal Flush, and three cards in ascending value order of the same suit – change one card that was not included in the combination;
  • Low pair – keep these cards, replace the rest;
  • Three of a Kind – swap the remaining two, except for kings;
  • Four to Straight – change one card that was not included in the combination;
  • Suited Q + 10, J + 10, Q + J – these cards remain, and the rest are changed;
  • All cards are small without pairs – change everything.

For these strategies of how to win at video poker, individual ingenuity and logic are not necessary – it is enough to learn the possible combinations and steps to perform when they fall out to win real money.

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