Awesome training for our teachers from UAB! Check out the link below to see the article and video!

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St. Barnabas Catholic School is located in the historic East Lake community of Birmingham. Our dynamic and diverse school was founded in 1958 as an apostolate of St. Barnabas Catholic Church.

In our Catholic tradition of promoting Gospel values, the mission of St. Barnabas Catholic School is to provide a safe and welcoming environment where learning takes place. St. Barnabas Catholic School forms students spiritually and academically to become leaders and productive citizens.

As a school community, we believe:

  • Student learning and academic excellence within the context of the Catholic Faith are our chief priorities.
  • Each student is a valued individual with unique needs.
  • The Christian faith witnessed in the school is critical to our mission and student success.
  • Teachers, administration, parents and the community share the responsibility for advancing our school’s mission.

Our school is located at 7901 1st Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35206. The public entrance is at the corner of 79th Street and 1st Avenue North.

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