We recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children, and we view the school as an extension of the family. It is the school’s primary responsibility to help educate each child in a Christian atmosphere.

Saint Barnabas Catholic School follows the philosophy of Catholic Education as directed by the Education Department of the Diocese of Birmingham, which states that “the Catholic school aims, by means of intellectual and moral training to prepare its students to meet the problems of our society in the light of Christian principles.”

Saint Barnabas Catholic School serves the community by encouraging students to think independently and objectively, and to make good moral decisions. Our future depends upon the quality of leadership developed in our schools. Catholic Schools have the opportunity and responsibility to meet this challenge.

While the task of educating the young belongs primarily to the parents, Saint Barnabas, in a Christian spirit, endeavors to assist parents in this role by providing opportunities for worship, creative thinking, the acceptance of responsible leadership, and a sense of moral values. We recognize the need for and the importance of the development of a Christian spirit as well as our responsibility to help each student become a good citizen of our society, and to reach his/her eternal goal.

The U. S. Bishop’s Pastoral Letter, To Teach As Jesus Did, states that the educational ministry of the Church has a three-fold purpose: to teach doctrine, to build community and to serve others. As a Catholic school, we are committed to providing a Christian atmosphere animated by the Gospel spirit of charity, justice, freedom and unity, in which our students may experience Christian values that are designed to reflect true community. It is anticipated that students will grow in their commitment of service to God, to others, to the Church and to the world.

A Catholic school is unique because of its total commitment to the three-fold purpose of Christian education: message, community, and service. This mission creates an atmosphere wherein Catholic faith can be integrated with life and learning.

With the goal of high school preparedness for all students, the objective of Saint Barnabas Catholic School is to provide excellence in a Christian academic atmosphere with community support.